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Hi, I'm Roland Gruszewski
(how do you pronouce Gruszewski?)

Here are some things that make me smile: design, modernist architecture, road trips, mountains, Joshua Tree National Park, the Mojave Desert, LEGO, car magazines, air-cooled Porsches, mid-century design, David Bowie, The Beatles, STAR WARS, Twin Peaks, vinyl records, driving with a manual shifter, open minded people, kindness, being outside, furniture, cinema and hanging out with creative people.

Professionally, I transform ideas into powerful strategies and build creative assets that attract, inform, have impact and value. With over 15 years of experience in creative development, marketing, branding and communication, I thrive in environments that foster teamwork and imagination.

I have a passion for nurturing and mentoring creative people and encouraging them to conceptualize, experiment, ask questions and be passionate.

Currently, I work as a Senior Art Director for Global Brand Expression at QVC, Inc., my past roles include: Photo Art Director, Newspaper Editor, Web and Graphic Design.

Experience collaborating with: creative directors, web designers, email designers, web developers, UX, app developers, video producers, print editors, photographers, stylists, models, sales, advertisers, copywriters, and scheduling teams.